New Barre & Yoga Studio
in West Philly (University City)

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Located at 3400 Lancaster Ave in University City
(right next to Insomnia Cookies!)

Like hot yoga? You'll love barre

  • see results in one week
  • reshape your body and increase flexibility at the same time
  • get your butt kicked every time

barre is better

  • high-intensity, low-impact workout
  • never get bored - no two workouts are the same
  • no dance background or coordination required

People love Tuck

  • commonsense studio policies - no cancel fees
  • down-to-earth atmosphere that will keep you coming back
  • over 150 5 star reviews on Mindbody

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Just Some of Our Press

Why People Love Us

We get stellar review across MindBody, Yelp, Google and Facebook.

If this studio was a person, it would be Callie, the person who owns it. Warm, fun, healthy and inspiring. Compared to other barre studios (which can make you feel out of place, judged, out of shape and just generally awkward because of all the mirrors), this studio helps you be your best self.


The team at Tuck is so amazing. I normally don’t enjoy barre and I LOVED the class! I am also a yoga teacher as well and Callie’s yoga class was one of the best classes I’ve ever been to. The UCity location is in a great spot, conveniently located right smack dab on Drexel’s Campus. Best barre experience to date!


Get Your unlimited month
for $69

Frequently Asked Questions

We know trying a new studio can be anxiety-inducing. We're here to ease your fears!

What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

Just yourself! We provide mats, equipment and any props you'll need.

What are the pricing/package options after the first week?

You can find up-to-date pricing for West Philly's location here

I've never tried barre. What do I need to know?

Not much! Barre is a low impact strength and toning exercise that will make you work muscles you didn't even know you had. It's not easy, so expect to sweat and work hard.

Do I need to wear barre socks to barre classes?

You can wear barre socks if you have them, as they will help you maintain a grip on the hardwood floor. However, you can also take class with bare feet if you don’t have barre socks. Barre socks (in all kinds of cute colors!) are available for purchase at the studio for $12. You can also find them on amazon.

Do I have to wear certain clothes to barre classes?

Absolutely not. Wear what you are comfortable in. There’s no uniform here!

Is the Studio Open all the time?

The studio opens 15 minutes before each class. We wish we could be open all of the time, but that would be expensive! Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts. We lock the studio during class, so the door locks when class begins.

Where is the studio located?

We're at 3400 Lancaster Avenue (Suite #6) in the bottom of the Summit Building (University City). We're right next to Insomnia Cookies!

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West Philly Barre