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Get Your Barre Fix Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a commitment? Can I cancel at any time?

We feel really proud of what we offer and want you to use what you pay for, so we allow you to cancel at anytime. There is no commitment.

To cancel is simple, just:

  1. log in to your account
  2. navigate to the “subscriptions” tab
  3. click “cancel”

If you have trouble, email us at and we will cancel for you.

Please keep in mind, there are no refunds so we offer a 7 day free trial and monthly pricing option if that better fits your needs. If you purchase an annual subscription, we do not prorate refunds.

What is Tuck Online?

Tuck Online is a platform of on-demand barre workouts and yoga classes. In barre, we give your heart a workout – we move slow, and we move fast, all while keeping our feet on the floor to give you an effective low-impact workout. We mix in functional movements and isometric exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body – you will feel muscles you never knew existed. Our featured yoga classes, “untuck”, are the perfect complement to our barre workouts. These classes restore your body and mind – we focus on longer-held, passive poses to increase flexibility, range of motion and self compassion.

I’m new to exercise. Can I take any class?

YES! We know that every body is different, and we work so hard to ensure all of our classes are truly for all levels. Our instructors offer variations for all levels throughout class so that you are able to find an exercise that works for your body, on that day. Don’t be nervous or feel intimidated – you can do this!

What does the Tuck Online live membership include?

Tuck Online Live memberships allow you to take Vimeo Live classes with the instructors. If you are someone who has trouble staying accountable and taking classes on your own, live classes might be for you! In addition to the weekly live classes, you still have access to the on-demand content just like all other memberships.

What if I’m pregnant or just had a baby?

 We strongly recommend that you talk with your doctor about what is appropriate for you. Everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different! While continuing a program of exercise during/after pregnancy often can be beneficial, some modifications may be appropriate. Generally speaking, we have many pregnant clients and new moms in class – barre can be a great way to stay fit and active during your pregnancy, provided your doctor approves. 

How often should I take class?

We recommend three to five times a week. If you are taking only barre classes, please try to mix in some untuck – it will aid in your recovery, and you’ll feel better!

How long are your barre classes?

We know it can be hard to find time to exercise. Our signature class is 45 minutes long, but we have classes of all types and lengths! You can drop in for a 15-minute core workout or stay for a 45-minute class. We’ve designed our classes with your schedules in mind – we know life can be hectic, so you have plenty of options that fit into your days.

Do I need props?

No! We know that most people don’t have resistance bands, yoga blocks, and sponge balls at home. We always offer you household alternatives – grab some canned goods if you don’t have weights, pick up a paper towel roll to use instead of a ball, and get an old pair of leggings or long johns if you don’t have a resistance band.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer everyone a free trial! We truly believe in our workouts, and we want you to feel confident when you purchase a subscription from us. We allow you to cancel at any time – no questions asked. 

What about refunds?

We do not allow refunds for any reason. Please log in to your account ( and click “cancel” under the “subscriptions” tab to cancel your account. If you have trouble, email us at to cancel. No hard feelings – we want you to use what you pay for!

Can I share my login or my membership?

We kindly ask that you do not share your membership login with anyone else. We have done our best to make our pricing accessible for all. We really care about our clients, and we want you to get healthier and feel good! However, we are also a small business, so please don’t share your login details with others.

I lost my login information. What do I do?

Your username is the email you signed up with. You can click “forgot password” on the log in screen to reset your password. If you are having trouble, please email us at for additional help!

I’m strapped for cash. Do you have any free classes?

We understand. With nearly 40 million Americans unemployed, we are sensitive to those who don’t have a lot of cash. That’s why our brick and mortar studios (tuck barre & yoga) offer completely free digital classes online via facebook live. You can take those classes, no strings attached, by following or liking tuck barre & yoga on facebook here (

Get Your Barre Fix Online

Start your 7-day free trial


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